Friday, 16 May 2014

A Thank You and a Burda LBD review with very bad pictures

Guys, I have data turned off on my phone - I don't have 24 hour access to sewing blogs and I'm over 8,000 from my sewing machine.  I miss it already.  But it's ok, because shortly after I get back there will be a big L.A. sewing meet-up and I'll get to see all my favorite sewing ladies! One of those lovely people is Aleah, who has recently given me a Liebster Award! Thank you Aleah!  I actually previously accepted one here: (where I spelled it wrong, whoops!) and all of my answers still apply.  

I  also have to thank Aleah very very belatedly for my Christmas present (I said belatedly!) of the fab pattern Simplicity 1716 because I was totally jealous of hers.  I still haven't done a proper review but here I am outside The Fabric Store wearing a linen knit one and even better, this photo was taken by Aleah!

It's past 1 am here and I'm wide awake, so I'm looking through pictures of old un-reviewed projects. This one is really really old, I probably made it about a year and a half ago.  These pictures are pretty terrible, and the ones in burda magazine are just as un-instructive so between the two of us you really won't have any idea what this dress looks like haha.  

That is a real shame, because I think it's a really great basic sheath with basically no burda craziness and it seems to have gone pretty un-noticed - it's only got one other review on Pattern Review!

Pattern Notebook

Burda 6/2012 #129

View / Size used:  I cut a 40, but I ended up tapering in the side seams and front darts quite a bit because my fabric had quite a bit of stretch and it seems to be drafted for more of a stretch woven type fabric, and I probably should have started out with a 38.  It was one of my first Burda adventures so I was getting used to their sizing.

Fabric Used: Some crazy super thick but surprisingly stretchy knit with a wood grain pattern in velvet.  I told you it was crazy.  It's also totally impossible to photograph. I did take photos of the fabric at one time but they were destroyed.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: This dress is the project where I leared to love fisheye darts.  This is a dress that you can tweak the fit of after it's totally complete, and tweak I did.  I took in the side seams and the darts quite a bit to account for the stretch in the fabric.  Because it was so stretchy, I omitted the zipper.

Were the instructions easy to follow? They were for a lined dress, and I really couldn't follow them at all.  I didn't line the dress, which made the finishing at the back v-neck tricky, and I didn't do a good job at all.  I do wonder if they would make more sense to me now, but they certainly didn't at the time.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
Love the v-back, love the fisheye darts.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the finished garment?
It's so useful to have an LBD, I've worn it tons of times.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I should sew it again, maybe I'll have a go at the lining business.  I do recommend it, that's the whole reason to dredge this review up!


aleah said...

Ha, you give me hope that someday I will actually blog and review all the garments I've photographed! It's never too late, right? The dress is great (I assume, anyway, black is so hard to photograph). I understand that I should own a LBD, but I had to wear black backstage for so many years that now I avoid wearing it at all costs. I've never tried fisheye darts either, but you make a good point about futzing with them to fit at the end!
Glad you like 1716, reminds me I should make a sleeveless one for summer. Sadly, that awesome pink version somehow got a bleach stain (how? I don't even own bleach!) right in the front below the waist and I can't wear it anymore. I'm pondering whether I can cut the stain off and add a contrast skirt somehow to make it a dress...

Caroline said...

I sewed that dress! In coral lace… It is a great pattern but I agree with you that you need to flat measure and really think about what size you want to make. So sad I'm not going to see you this time! Your dress looks great!

velosewer said...

You do look amazing.

Fickle Sense said...

The dress looks great! You did a good job with it:)

Ms. McCall said...

So you did, and yours was lovely! And I realize now that I couldn't have made a 38 because this pattern was in petite sizes. Maybe I should stick to blogging recent makes haha.

Ms. McCall said...

Thanks so much :)

Ms. McCall said...

Thanks Maria!