Wednesday, 26 September 2012

In Progress: Men's shirt M6613

I've got two WIP's going at the moment.  Naughty naughty!  I started shorts for myself with the leftover denim from my jeans.  Repeating the fly front so soon after the last one, will hopefully help me remember how to do it in future.  So I got that far and then switched to a shirt for Mr. McCall.

I'll do a full review when I'm done, but here's some in progress notes:

The front pockets are curved and it's really annoying to try to turn them neatly.  I used a tutorial from Off The Cuff to get it looking OK.  I had already sewn the two pockets together from memory, so I didn't do it quite how she does, but it worked better than anything else I've tried.

I used a little bit of fusible web to keep the pockets in place before I stitched them on to the shirt. I don't know if that's really what it's for, but it made it a whole lot easier to work with.  Pins made it really puckery, and it wouldn't lie flat.

The pattern instructs you to hand slip-stitch one of the yoke pieces to the shoulder, but I did it using the burrito method.  I don't remember where I read about this method, but it's a nice clean finish that I can do on the machine.

I sewed the yoke to the shirt back as the pattern instructs.

Then I rolled up the shirt back

Rolled up the shirt fronts

Flipped the whole thing over

Then sandwich the entire shirt between the two yokes

Then I sewed it up and pulled out the contents of the burrito

I hope Mr. McCall appreciates his shirt while I am short-less!


Nettie said...

Sending you a big, fat interwebs smooch for this!! I never understood what the hell was going on with the rolling and stitching, but this is dead clear! Thanks!

Jill said...

I like that fabric, looking good!

Ms. McCall said...

Oh thanks so much! I'm very glad if my ramblings are ever helpful to anyone! Looking forward to seeing how your jackets work out!

Ms. McCall said...

Thanks Jill - it's from the Michael Levine Loft, I got a great haul of shirting there ages ago, glad to finally be using it up!

Amity Originals said...

That shirt looks amazing!! Hopefully we can all get together soon! Also, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. The original link is here:

Ms. McCall said...

Amity thank you SO much! I'm very very flattered!